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New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

After a very long wait, I’m finally able to announce the preorder for my next full length novel: Vapor Trail. This book is the sequel to Medium Rare, and is a companion novel to The Blood & Bone Series. Picking up shortly after the end of Medium Rare, it deals with fresh murders cropping up in Seattle between The Convergence Theory and The Symbiotic law (it’s all connected! XD)

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Dead men have nothing but secrets…

Lachlan Graham is ready for his life to settle down now that he and his ex-partner, FBI Agent Vector Clanahan, have caught the man who killed his neighbor. But no sooner have the two returned to Seattle than more bad news arrives to upturn Lachlan’s quiet existence.

He may have left the Seattle Police Department for good, but it doesn’t look like the life will leave him alone. People die, leaving behind their friends and family to pick up the mess made by their secrets in The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail.

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Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Lia’s WIP Corner: A First Look At “The Convergence Theory”

Lia’s WIP Corner: A First Look At “The Convergence Theory”

If you follow this blog you might have noticed my (many) posts about The Duality Paradigm, a book I published at the beginning of February (my debut novel!!). Duality is the first book in the BLOOD & BONE Trilogy, which is my focus this week in Lia’s WIP corner.

Wolf_Canis_lupus_laying_in_grassThe Blood & Bone Trilogy takes place in a not-too-dissimilar Seattle where magic and the supernatural rub elbows with the mundane. The protagonists, Detectives Ethan Ellison and Patrick Clanahan, could not be anymore opposite. One is a magician, one is a werewolf—one is an unapologetic slut, the other is waiting to find his soulmate. But a human murder in disputed werewolf territory means that the two have to work together to find the killer before the story leaks to the general population and all manner of hell breaks loose. It isn’t long before sparks fly between the two and nothing in their lives will ever be simple again.

You can read the first chapter of The Duality Paradigm here on my blog.

First Look: Blood & Bone Book Two

The second book in the BLOOD & BONE Trilogy—The Convergence Theory—follows Ethan and Patrick as they try to deal with the emotional fallout from Duality while investigating a series of break-ins, grave desecrations, and murders. The full chapter will be posted to this blog on April 1st so check back for that. In the meantime, I’m going to give you a sneak peak:

A wizard is a self-contained unit. These pagans will try to fill your head full of balance and nature and threads. They’ll try to tie you down with their tree hugging morality. Don’t let them. Your magic is here, between your eyes, and in the strength in your hands and under your tongue. It is inside you, not in anyone else.

~ Alexandre Pelletier to his son Ethan, age 5


Branches snapped, bones crunched and then were ground underfoot. Blood, which is a very precise science, sprayed out like water from a garden hose. And it was difficult to tell, as the mud churned beneath their feet, where one furry body turned into another. Where he should grip and aim and kill. He was terrified to get it wrong.

Panic: a helium filled balloon that rose up in his throat and choked him.

Yelps, barks, and snarls rang out but he was frozen in indecision.

Power surged through him and fizzled when he cut it off, held it back. He screamed in his own head at his own indecision, but he didn’t act.

He didn’t act.

And the wolf’s back broke.

But that’s not how it happened.


For people who have read The Duality Paradigm, you know that I promised the sequel by Fall 2014. This is a very conservative release estimate. My hope is actually to have it ready for publication this summer with a mid-summer release of the third book. I know I left you with a cruel cliff hanger so I’m working hard to get the rest of the series written. If you have any questions about Duality, please feel free to ask them (here on my blog, through goodreads or amazon) or email me.

Lia’s Upcoming Book Projects

My novella The Source & The Wire is temporarily on hold while I focus on the Blood & Bone Trilogy but I’ll be getting back to that story hopefully by the end of the summer.

Burne-Jones-le-VampireI also have a series of connected novellas I’m going to be working on this fall. The collection is tentatively titled A Date With The Night and will feature 3 stories about complex relationships between humans and the supernatural, D/s kink, and seduction. The first story will follow a series of one night stands between Henrik—a vampire hunter—and Isabella the vampire queen as they struggle against their mutual attraction and their instincts to take one another out.

2014’s Publishing Schedule–More Details To Come!

  • Blood & Bone Book Two – June 1st

  • Blood & Bone Book Three – August 1st

  • The Source & The Wire – September 1st

  • A Date With The Night #1 – October 10th

  • A Date With The Night #2 – October 30th

  • A Date With The Night #3 – November 15th

  • ADWTN Omnibus – Early December

Quick Reminder

My short story Ava, Sublime is FREE on kindle today and tomorrow! So, if you’re looking for something short, tense and hot to read over the weekend, check it out 😉

Free Book 1 Day Only (Contemporary erotica)

Free Book 1 Day Only (Contemporary erotica)

Quick announcement to let you all know that my new novellette Ava, Sublime is available for free on Kindle February 14th (and February 14th only!).

Free book by Lia CooperAva, Sublime is a complex short that navigates a critical moment between the heroine, Ava, and the two men she is sleeping with.


It isn’t always easy to know what you want and what you need.

Ava Novak thought she had her comfortable life figured out. She had a job roasting coffee that she loved and a simple sexual arrangement with Brenden and Patrick. What more could a woman want? But a change in their dynamic sends Ava down a path of serious soul searching while she tries to come to terms with how much of herself she’s willing to give.

Get it FREE!

New Release! AVA, SUBLIME (short contemporary romance)

New Release! AVA, SUBLIME (short contemporary romance)

Ava Sublime by Lia Cooper

Short story description:

It isn’t always easy to know what you want and what you need.

Ava Novak thought she had her comfortable life figured out. She had a job roasting coffee that she loved and a simple sexual arrangement with Brenden and Patrick. What more could a woman want? But a change in their dynamic sends Ava down a path of serious soul searching while she tries to come to terms with how much of herself she’s willing to give.

DISCLAIMER This work contains language and sexual content that may not be suitable for readers under 18. This work contains EXPLICIT FEMALE/MALE/MALE CONTENT. Not your cup of tea? Don’t read it. Otherwise, please enjoy.

Genre: Contemporary romance, f/m/m menage, short story

Purchase: $0.99 on Amazon

Breaking News! Book Launch: The Duality Principle

Breaking News! Book Launch: The Duality Principle

I decided to bite the bullet over the weekend and release my debut novel into the wilds of Kindle.


Lia CooperEveryone knows magic users and werewolves are intrinsically diametrically opposed…

Seattle Police Detective Ethan Ellison, born into a long line of Quebecois magicians, leads a fairly unassuming life working Theft and consulting on magical misdemeanors. He’s spent eight years building a life for himself in Seattle, far from his father’s shadow. He works hard, lives under the radar, and fucks whoever catches his eye.

Detective Patrick Clanahan, beta-heir to Pack McClanahan, is a tightly wired bundle of rage and guilt, still trying to come to terms with the murder of his last partner.

When a human woman is murdered in werewolf territory under suspicious circumstances, Ethan is reassigned to worked the case with Clanahan in the hopes that he’ll be able to balance out the wolf’s rougher edges.

Too bad they mostly just rub each other the wrong way.

This is the first of three books in the BLOOD & BONE TRILOGY.


M/M romance, urban fantasy

The Duality Principle (Blood & Bone Book One) available for $4.99 on Amazon and B&N Nook

The Reading Corner: Untamed by Anna Cowan

The Reading Corner: Untamed by Anna Cowan



I first heard about Untamed by Anna Cowan while catching up on the DBSA Podcast—yes, from back in August. But I’m so glad that that I did! In general, I read for characters and inter-character relationships but I have a hard time finding romance books that are written to a high enough standard and have interesting, believable characters. Out-Of-Character (OOC) actions are probably the #1 thing that throws me, as a reader, out of a story. But as soon as I started reading the preview for this book, I knew I was going to have to buy it.

Untamed is a debut novel from Anna Cowan, published by Destiny Romance, an Australian romance imprint for Penguin. It tells the story of Kat Sutherland, the eldest child in a family that has fallen into destitution. Poor and more accustomed to menial labor in the country, Kat takes it upon herself to save her sister from a scandalous affair with the Duke of Darlington by confronting the Duke. This does little more than capture the Duke’s attention, and he engages Kat in an elaborate deception in exchange for leaving her sister’s reputation alone.

On the podcast, they referred to this book as “the one with the cross-dressing duke.” But it’s so much more than that. It has a cross-dressing duke, an alpha female protagonist, clever supporting characters, social machinations, gambling, and a little sex. Anna Cowen’s written a delicious, in character and racier Jane Austen.

Kat Sutherland Doesn’t Need To Be Tamed

Shirley Henderson and Rufus Sewell in The Taming of the Shrew

Did you ever see the BBC’s ShakespeaRe-Told version of The Taming of the Shrew? If you didn’t, go watch it because it’s delightful, but I digress. The character dynamics in Untamed and that movie are very similar and equally engaging. The Duke is clever, witty, mad and secure in his own personage. Kat is self-possessed, smart, uncompromising and true to herself. She does not sit around waiting for anyone to rescue her. I think it’s this quality that is most appealing. I’m sick to death of stories where the hero sweeps in to solve all of the heroine’s problems. The two characters are partners who have excellent, often difficult to bear, tension and who support one another.

My only complaint was that I think the story could have done with a little bit more sex. But I’m biased. I read a lot of erotic fiction so I’m accustomed to a fairly explicit rating. I would rate Untamed at maybe Teen for it’s use of fade-to-blacks, which are perhaps keeping with the style of a Regency novel. And in the context of the rest of the book, is a rather minor gripe that is not enough to keep me from re-reading Untamed sometime in the future.

If you’re looking to mix it up with an historical romance with a believable, take-charge heroine this holiday season, check out Untamed.