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Profane 3: BAD BLOOD Chapter 1 (**smut warning**)

Profane 3: BAD BLOOD Chapter 1 (**smut warning**)

*timidly opens door and pokes head in*

Hi, I’m still alive. I’m here. I’ve even been writing a little bit though I haven’t been posting about it on this website, which is a massive oversight from me. Maybe I’ll catch up on posts I should have posted. Maybe.

In the meantime, I did want to say I’m trying to work on and finish Profane #3 for release this year. It’s been languishing at around 13000 words for the past two years, actually since I published A Sanguine Solution, and I WANT to finish it. I WANT you guys, the few of you still out there who gaf about these characters (hopefully there’s a few of you? uwu) to finally get some answers.

For now, here’s the first chapter. It’s smut. It’s almost happy smut. How often does that happen?


January 2013 – Capitol Hill – Lachlan

“You and Ethan were talking for a long time tonight,” Vector said in a soft voice.

The werewolf had stripped out of his nice clothes until he stood next to the bed in only his tight boxer briefs, bare chest glowing softly with the warm yellow lamplight bathing that half of the bedroom. The sight made Lachlan’s mouth dry—so dry that he had to remind himself not to swallow. The last thing he wanted tonight was to aggravate his throat and send himself into a coughing fit.

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New Release: It’s Finally Here, Blood & Bone Book 4

New Release: It’s Finally Here, Blood & Bone Book 4

Check out the haunting conclusion to the Blood & Bone Series!

It’s finally here lovely readers, the long awaited sequel to The Symbiotic Law!

Writing the original trilogy was an amazing experience and I knew very shortly after publishing The Symbiotic Law that I had to write a follow-up story delving into the emotional fallout from that novel, but I’ll admit that it took me some time to be in a place where I felt that I *could* tackle that narrative. A Sanguine Solution is the result of several years carefully feeling my way through Ethan Ellison’s tangled emotions and I couldn’t be more pleased with the direction the story took.

Writing A Sanguine Solution this year has truly opened up so many new creative avenues and new plot threads in this universe that I’m excited to continue exploring. And while this will truly be the last book in the Blood & Bone series, I can say for certain that it won’t be the last story about these characters (but I’ll have more to say on that in the coming months ;))

For now, please enjoy Blood & Bone #4: A Sanguine Solution.


How do you keep getting up in the morning when you can’t to look at yourself in the mirror?

Having returned to Seattle, Ethan Ellison would say that he’s trying to piece his life back together but who is he kidding? There’s no returning to life as he knew it, not after Ali’s revelation about their parentage. Now, Ethan’s haunted by personal ghosts and plagued by increasingly temperamental magic.

For Patrick Clanahan, returning to work should be easier than dealing with a mate who can’t stand his touch. But there’s nothing easy about a series of murders that all point to vampire activity in a city where there are no vampires. It’s bringing back to mind the murder of his last partner, slain by vampires a year before he met Ethan—as though Pat didn’t have enough to worry about.

Return to the world of Blood & Bone’s alternative supernatural Seattle, where Ethan and Patrick are about to face their darkest inner demons and scratch the lid on a cover-up bigger than either of them.

This novel picks up after the events of the original trilogy as well as Medium Rare (The Profane Series #1) and Vapor Trail (The Profane Series #2).

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Sneak Peak: Blood & Bone #4 – A Sanguine Solution 3/?

Sneak Peak: Blood & Bone #4 – A Sanguine Solution 3/?

The countdown to Book 4 continues this week with another snippet from B&B 4: A Sanguine Solution.

Read Part 1 and Part 2.

B&B 3.5 Remainders, an f/f novella set during The Symbiotic Law is also now available through amazon!

Chapter 1c

“Sorry,” the wolf muttered, though there wasn’t anything apologetic about his tone, only a hint of confusion and more bitterness than was probably healthy to hear in the voice of the man who claimed to be in love with you.

“Are you tired?” Pat asked. “Hungry? I could fix you something.”

“It’s too early for dinner.”

“I’ll start something,” he said, disappearing into the kitchen.

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Sneak Peak: Blood & Bone #4 – A Sanguine Solution 2/?

Sneak Peak: Blood & Bone #4 – A Sanguine Solution 2/?

 The countdown to Book 4 continues this week with another snippet from B&B 4: A Sanguine Solution. Go Here to read the first part.

B&B 3.5 Remainders, an f/f novella set during The Symbiotic Law is also now available through amazon!

Chapter 1b


He was relieved when the email came through, informing him that his request for time off had been granted effective immediately.

Ethan closed Pat’s laptop and got up from his desk—it was spare, like the rest of the werewolf’s townhouse, neat and tidy in a way that suggested the room wasn’t used very often, rather than that it was frequently picked up.

The townhouse was quiet. Pat’s cousins, who lived next door, were gone for the rest of the month on a snowboarding trip over winter break. Ethan relished the peace, soaked it up until it weighed down his bones. He slid onto the couch and stretched out on his stomach, cheek pressed into the rough cushion. He breathed slowly, pushing all the air out of his lungs and holding his breath until they ached before he broke and inhaled again. A weight that he could sink under.

From his position, Ethan could see the edge of his book—it wasn’t even his book, it belonged to a dead man, inherited through something like attrition—poking out from between the cushions of one of the matching campaign chairs. He’d read it cover to cover by now, there wasn’t much else to do since he had yet to find a secret stash of paperbacks, DVDs or even porn. Pat Clanahan, it turned out, wasn’t much of a reader.

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A Personal Post From the Closet

A Personal Post From the Closet

Winter is Here

It’s a dark day, literally and figuratively as I write this from my parents’ house in Western Washington. In the other room they’re listening, gleeful, to crowds celebrating the affirmation of The Great Orange Disappointment to the Presidency of the United States. I do not know what the coming year will bring, but I am devastated.

I am afraid.

I’m 27 this year, having come to age during a time of amazing progressive democracy. The 2000s and 2010s have been by no means perfect, but in many ways they have brought so much joy and pride and hope to me as I watched the LGBTQIA+ community make so many strides in visibility and policy. But this fall has shown me that, for as many strides we have taken, there are just as many people who would tear us back down, and those people now have a majority control of the United States.

Even more than that, our tenuous social contract called democracy has been irrevocably tampered with.

I heard someone say once that Democracy is not about a result, it’s about a process–a process by which we, as the people, come together to bequeath governing power to our government. That process has been tampered with. I think that’s a fairly safe comment to make, when even the FBI concedes it happened–keeping in mind that for all intents and purposes, the FBI’s pick for POTUS was elected. That act of tampering has broken the sanctity of democracy in this country.

I never imagined myself to be sitting here in my lifetime, contemplating the end of democracy in America, but here I am. It is too horrible a moment to let pass without some acknowledgement.

Why My Identity is Political

Some people would argue that for my own business interests I should keep my mouth shut and keep my politics away from my work. Book writing is my business. This is my full time job. And there is not part of my writing that is not political. There is nothing about me, as a person, that hasn’t been made political. It’s not only my desire to discuss this, but it’s my duty to be informed and to discuss it.

I come from a conservative Protestant background. My entire family is radically conservative Christian. I was indoctrinated in Christian private schools from kindergarten until I graduated high school. I struggled with religion for most of my teen years. I’ve never shied away from saying as much to peers and friends, but it’s the more intimate details that I’ve guarded more closely. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve begun to come out to a very few select people–and only those I know will never encounter my family.

All I’m doing is trying to write the words and those are so hard I’ve spent a half hour staring at this blank page trying to form them.

It’s always seemed easier to just be vague than try to explain, but as I try to unravel why my identity as a person is intrinsically a political identity, I think it’s important here to do so.

I am demisexual. I’ve dated women and men. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found that I tend to only form really strong connections with women. The last couple of times I’ve tried to form deeper connections with cismen, when it came right down to it we were philosophically incompatible, which for me, is a no-go in the romantic department. I feel most comfortable labeling myself “queer” as a catch-all term (because I’m not technically bisexual and while I’m demisexual, I’m more gay-demi-romantic, and that’s just a mouthful to try to say when someone asks). I’m cis. I use she/her pronouns.

I’m an atheist.

I write gay fiction (for now, it’s my plan to include more letters in my writing in 2017).

All of these things mean that my entire life is tied to politics because all of these identities are under attack by politicians. And that is why I think it’s important to talk about what’s happening both in the USA and around the world.

The fact that I am white is literally the only thing about my identity that is not in some way radical. Subversive.

The Future

Hard times are ahead. I don’t have a lot of hope for the next four years. I’m afraid, both personally and professionally. And while I am afraid, I’m also aware of how privileged I am to be white and unlikely to be pushed out of the closet in front of my family.

I am looking back to my contemporaries from times past, who too experienced these sort of regime upheavals. The only thing I know how to do is write and speak, as loud as I can, in the circles that I can. My corner of the internet I hope to be a safehaven for other queer radicals. I will not suffer any Trump apologists.

As we move into 2017, all I can do here is continue to work in my own radical way. I feel this deep, fearful drive to write as many of the stories in my head as fast as I can. Before my voice is silenced.

You can follow me here on the blog or join me on twitter @LiaCooperWrites. I wish I could say it’s a fun place, but winter has come, and there are dark days ahead of us. To all my readers I want to send out a big *hug* and remind you that despite any forces arrayed against us, we have each other. I love you all.

Thanks for letting me vent here a little.


Cover Reveal: The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3!

Cover Reveal: The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3!

Well guys, I’m in the homestretch working on THE HONORABLE BETA, Book 3 in The Kingdom of Pacchia series. I’ve been a little side tracked with a super fun head cold but I think it’s starting to clear up so I can get back to my regular work schedule.

I had originally planned on releasing The Honorable Beta early next month but I’m the worst at sitting on finished projects so it looks like the release date is going to be bumped either to this weekend or early next week as a special Xmas gift to all of you guys!

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of the cover…the hon beta

Artwork © Lia Cooper 2015

With the court on the edge of chaos, Sir Riven and the Honorable Winston Dupuis find themselves caught between lust and duty as they play chaperone to Aubrey and Lord Riven’s continuing courtship. But social mores are against them, and the two must decide what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting ago as winter settles over the Kingdom of Pacchia. Contains A/B/O dynamics, including female alphas with penises and a relationship between a male beta (human biological normal male) and a female alpha (externally appears female but reproductively male).

Book One available here: TOP mock 250x400

Book Two available here: Pacchia 2 400x640

New Release News! – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2 LIVE!

New Release News! – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2 LIVE!

After more than a year’s wait, I’ve finally released Book Two in The Kingdom of Pacchia series titled All the King’s Men. This book picks up after The Omega Prince and features the developing relationship between Prince Aubrey and Lord Riven.

I want to thank all of my beautiful readers who have patiently waited for this sequel, it is LONG overdue. Good news though, I’m already working on Book 3: The Honorable Beta, which should be out in early January 2016.

Pacchia 2 400x640All the King’s Men Book Blurb

Prince Aubrey thought his family was safe following the arrest of his traitorous uncle during the summer’s Tri-fete, but he soon learns the man’s assassination attempt on the Hight King was only the tip of the ice berg.

The court is about to descend into chaos as Aubrey and his loyal companion, the Honorable Winston Dupuis, begin investigating Lord Riven’s claims that treachery and betrayal in Pacchia are much older than any of them had previously suspected.

Meanwhile, Aubrey continues to struggles with his duties to the kingdom and his duties to his own heart as the noble alphas begin circling for his hand in courtship.

Nothing will ever be the same in the mythical kingdom of Pacchia. Based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.

Purchase on Amazon for $2.99

And just in case you missed book 1 here’s some info about that as well 😉

TOP mock 250x400The Omega Prince – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1

Once every three years, alphas compete in the Tri-fete to show off their strength, stamina, and martial prowess. This summer is the first time the competition has been held since the Crown Prince Aubrey of Lyle and Wescott presented as an omega, and there is much speculation he may take a mate from one of the alphas competing.

But there is more than friendly competition underway as the mysterious Lord Riven returns to court for the first time in nearly a decade.

Prince Aubrey must find a way to balance expectation and personal desire in THE OMEGA PRINCE, the first story set in the mythical kingdom of Pacchia. Based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.

Available on Amazon for $2.99



NEW RELEASE: The Omega Prince (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1)

NEW RELEASE: The Omega Prince (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1)

TOP with title blog small

For Sale on Amazon $2.99

Author’s Note

Here it is! The novella I began writing a month ago for fun because I needed a break from Blood & Bone and all the pressure that comes with that series, here’s the first in a little series of stories set in a AU medieval kingdom called Pacchia where Alpha/Beta/Omega sex and gender are the norm. (this concept is often called Omegaverse if you’re fannish)

I described this book to my writing partner as Medieval Jane Austen and it was a hellofalot of a fun to write. Check it out and lmk what you think!


The Tri-fete, an opportunity for the alphas in Pacchia to show off their strength, stamina, and martial prowess, comes once every three years. This is the first time the competition has been held since the Crown Prince Aubrey of Lyle and Wescott presented as an omega and there is much speculation he may take a mate from one of the alphas competing.

But there is more than friendly competition underway as the mysterious Lord Riven returns to court for the first time in nearly a decade and assassins plot against the King.

Prince Aubrey must find a way to balance expectation and personal desire in THE OMEGA PRINCE, the first story set in Pacchia, a mythical kingdom based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.



He was Lord Riven now, the only son of the late Lord Riven.

A middle child, considered spoilt and indolent in his youth through very little fault of his own. It was the prerogative of the peerage to keep their children in the comfortable style to which they themselves were raised. And so the youngest Lord Riven was instructed by tutors in the manor castle, taught to ride and mock fight, and left to enjoy the pleasanter pastimes in life such as hunting every day except Sundurn, which was reserved for feasting.

The son, known to his sisters and closest companions as Dierik, was little seen at the High Court of the King of Lyle, and there was much talk bandied amongst the other houses when his fourteenth birthday came and went without his joining the King’s Guard as was the want of most noble sons looking to distinguish themselves.

No acts of valor, scholarship, or might were thus put forward to advance the young Dierik, and his name was predominantly forgotten until his twentieth year when news reached the High Court that Lord Riven and his household, excepting the son and the youngest daughter, had been murdered in their beds and the manor castle burned to its foundations.

After that, the name Riven was explicably attached to gratuitous rumors of patricide and plot though no evidence ever surfaced that the son was in fact the root cause of his family’s fall. The damage was already done. The more greedy and tenacious corners of the court, smelling blood, were quick to circle the floundering house. Within a month, expeditionary forces began to make their presence felt all along House Riven’s boarders and shortly after the son gathered his knights and loyal vassals and marched to his defenses.

That was eight years ago.

Review Copies

As with my other books, I will be offering 5 free review copies of The Omega Prince in exchange for a FAIR and HONEST review on Amazon/goodreads/your review blog etc. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in a reading copy 🙂

Lia’s WIP Corner: Pre-Camp Edition 2014, Where To Find Lia In April!

Lia’s WIP Corner: Pre-Camp Edition 2014, Where To Find Lia In April!

Indy's_whipThis will be my last post in the Countdown to Camp NaNoWriMo (we’ll be ~3 days out when this post goes live). April 1st you can follow my twitter for daily writing updates, word count progress, snippets from The Convergence Theory (which I’ll be editing during April while I’m writing Book 3), and TCT’s cover reveal!

For this last planning post I’m going to talk a little bit more about my Camp goals and prep.

Camp NaNoWriMo Goals 2014

  1. Write 85k draft of the Blood & Bone Trilogy Book 3
  2. Edit/revise Book 2: The Convergence Theory

Pretty simple goals, right?

Book 3: Is it too soon to announce the title?

As I head into writing Book 3, I’ve already had several brainstorming conversations with my writing partner. I’ve been thinking about what this book would be about for about 8 months–almost as long as I’ve been working on Book 2, tbh–though it’s only in the last month or so I’ve made concrete decisions about what the plot will look like.

I can tell you that Book 3 will be more of an adventure novel rather than a procedural mystery, and it will feature a LOT of Ethan & Patrick, which I think you guys will enjoy. Basically, after the first two books I figure you guys all deserve a little tooth decay WITH your badass werewolf/mage duo ;D

I like going into Camp with a general idea of what my Beginning, Middle, and End and in the last couple days of this month I will be drawing more detailed plot outlines for the book. I’ve won NaNoWriMo’s 50k challenge once before, back in 2012 and this April I’m going to try pushing myself a little further with an 85k word goal. I have a habit of writing ⅓ or ⅔’s of a book and stalling out on it, letting it sit for six or eight months before getting around to finishing it. So I think this one book from start to finish goal will be good for my process.

Get Involved!

I’m still accepting Beta Readers for Book 2. If you’re interested sign-up over here. A revised copy of the draft will be going out to beta’s in early April. Chapter 1 will be available April 1st for everyone signed up to my Mailing List as a thank you for following.

Also, stay tuned for The Convergence Theory’s COVER REVEAL which will be coming at the end of Camp. And guys, let me tell you, I’m super excited to show it to you 😀

Kind of a short post this week but I figure you’re probably sick of hearing about camp and it hasn’t even started yet, woops. I’m just excited and I want to share that excitement with everyone who reads my blog.

Cya next month!