NEW RELEASE: The Omega Prince (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1)

NEW RELEASE: The Omega Prince (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1)

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Author’s Note

Here it is! The novella I began writing a month ago for fun because I needed a break from Blood & Bone and all the pressure that comes with that series, here’s the first in a little series of stories set in a AU medieval kingdom called Pacchia where Alpha/Beta/Omega sex and gender are the norm. (this concept is often called Omegaverse if you’re fannish)

I described this book to my writing partner as Medieval Jane Austen and it was a hellofalot of a fun to write. Check it out and lmk what you think!


The Tri-fete, an opportunity for the alphas in Pacchia to show off their strength, stamina, and martial prowess, comes once every three years. This is the first time the competition has been held since the Crown Prince Aubrey of Lyle and Wescott presented as an omega and there is much speculation he may take a mate from one of the alphas competing.

But there is more than friendly competition underway as the mysterious Lord Riven returns to court for the first time in nearly a decade and assassins plot against the King.

Prince Aubrey must find a way to balance expectation and personal desire in THE OMEGA PRINCE, the first story set in Pacchia, a mythical kingdom based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.



He was Lord Riven now, the only son of the late Lord Riven.

A middle child, considered spoilt and indolent in his youth through very little fault of his own. It was the prerogative of the peerage to keep their children in the comfortable style to which they themselves were raised. And so the youngest Lord Riven was instructed by tutors in the manor castle, taught to ride and mock fight, and left to enjoy the pleasanter pastimes in life such as hunting every day except Sundurn, which was reserved for feasting.

The son, known to his sisters and closest companions as Dierik, was little seen at the High Court of the King of Lyle, and there was much talk bandied amongst the other houses when his fourteenth birthday came and went without his joining the King’s Guard as was the want of most noble sons looking to distinguish themselves.

No acts of valor, scholarship, or might were thus put forward to advance the young Dierik, and his name was predominantly forgotten until his twentieth year when news reached the High Court that Lord Riven and his household, excepting the son and the youngest daughter, had been murdered in their beds and the manor castle burned to its foundations.

After that, the name Riven was explicably attached to gratuitous rumors of patricide and plot though no evidence ever surfaced that the son was in fact the root cause of his family’s fall. The damage was already done. The more greedy and tenacious corners of the court, smelling blood, were quick to circle the floundering house. Within a month, expeditionary forces began to make their presence felt all along House Riven’s boarders and shortly after the son gathered his knights and loyal vassals and marched to his defenses.

That was eight years ago.

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