New Release: It’s Finally Here, Blood & Bone Book 4

New Release: It’s Finally Here, Blood & Bone Book 4

Check out the haunting conclusion to the Blood & Bone Series!

It’s finally here lovely readers, the long awaited sequel to The Symbiotic Law!

Writing the original trilogy was an amazing experience and I knew very shortly after publishing The Symbiotic Law that I had to write a follow-up story delving into the emotional fallout from that novel, but I’ll admit that it took me some time to be in a place where I felt that I *could* tackle that narrative. A Sanguine Solution is the result of several years carefully feeling my way through Ethan Ellison’s tangled emotions and I couldn’t be more pleased with the direction the story took.

Writing A Sanguine Solution this year has truly opened up so many new creative avenues and new plot threads in this universe that I’m excited to continue exploring. And while this will truly be the last book in the Blood & Bone series, I can say for certain that it won’t be the last story about these characters (but I’ll have more to say on that in the coming months ;))

For now, please enjoy Blood & Bone #4: A Sanguine Solution.


How do you keep getting up in the morning when you can’t to look at yourself in the mirror?

Having returned to Seattle, Ethan Ellison would say that he’s trying to piece his life back together but who is he kidding? There’s no returning to life as he knew it, not after Ali’s revelation about their parentage. Now, Ethan’s haunted by personal ghosts and plagued by increasingly temperamental magic.

For Patrick Clanahan, returning to work should be easier than dealing with a mate who can’t stand his touch. But there’s nothing easy about a series of murders that all point to vampire activity in a city where there are no vampires. It’s bringing back to mind the murder of his last partner, slain by vampires a year before he met Ethan—as though Pat didn’t have enough to worry about.

Return to the world of Blood & Bone’s alternative supernatural Seattle, where Ethan and Patrick are about to face their darkest inner demons and scratch the lid on a cover-up bigger than either of them.

This novel picks up after the events of the original trilogy as well as Medium Rare (The Profane Series #1) and Vapor Trail (The Profane Series #2).

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

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