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Sneak Peak: Vaper Trail (The Profane Series) Chapter 2

Sneak Peak: Vaper Trail (The Profane Series) Chapter 2

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Late June 2012 – Capitol Hill – Lachlan

How was it that the second things started to go okay, reality inevitably intervened in the worst way?

Lachlan struggled to put the words he was hearing into a context that would compute inside his brain. His hand, gripping the cellphone, froze around the little plastic chassis. If the device had been any less well made, it would have cracked.

“I’m sorry, can you say that again?”

The woman—the police officer or the EMT, or whoever it was that the police station had gotten to call him—said the words again and this time they broke through the fog in his head. Lachlan politely thanked her for her time and hung up. He looked at Vector, but he didn’t need to say anything, the werewolf had heard it all with his wolf ears.

“Lachlan,” Vector breathed out in a soft voice.

He shook his head and dropped the phone. It thumped quietly against the thin rug under his feet. He should check it for other calls—texts—something. Surely the moment hadn’t passed without—while he was—

A man had died in Seattle, which was not a unique occurrence. Men killed each other day. People died from natural and unnatural causes. Took their own lives in some cases. This was a big city, filled with hundreds of thousands of people, all of them wading through existence, waiting for that moment for it be snuffed out.

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Preorder The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail

Preorder The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail

Preorder Vapor Trail $0.99!

Hello my lovelies! I think it’s safe to say that 2016 has been a bit of a rough year.I’ve struggled to write in 2016 and regain “my mojo” after taking most of 2015 off to do other pursuits. But as the end of the year approaches, I finally think I might be back in the wing of things.

I want to start 2017 off right. After a very long wait, I’m finally able to announce the preorder for my next full length novel: Vapor Trail. This book is the sequel to Medium Rare, and is a companion novel to The Blood & Bone Series. Picking up shortly after the end of Medium Rare, it deals with fresh murders cropping up in Seattle between The Convergence Theory and The Symbiotic law (it’s all connected! XD)

Vapor Trail will be officially released on January 30th, but you can get it for just $0.99 right now as a pre-order!

Sneak Peak

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Dead men have nothing but secrets…

Lachlan Graham is ready for his life to settle down now that he and his ex-partner, FBI Agent Vector Clanahan, have caught the man who killed his neighbor. But no sooner have the two returned to Seattle than more bad news arrives to upturn Lachlan’s quiet existence.

He may have left the Seattle Police Department for good, but it doesn’t look like the life will leave him alone. People die, leaving behind their friends and family to pick up the mess made by their secrets in The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail.

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New Release! Coy Trick – A Palouse County Romance 2

New Release! Coy Trick – A Palouse County Romance 2

New Release: Coy Trick!

cold-press-palouse-country-1Hello my lovelies! A few winters ago I wrote a sweet little romance short story set in the Palouse region of Eastern Washington called Cold PressI’ve been meaning to write a follow-up companion short in that same universe–indeed in that same charming small town called Belleville–ever since. A few days ago that sequel short went live, just in time for you to enjoy it as the weather (at least here in Washington) begins to turn dismally cold. While I no longer live in the Palouse, I have a lot of fond memories of the region and it’s always a pleasure to return there, even if just for short snippets of time.

palouse-2-resize-smallCoy Trick picks up not too long after the end of Cold Press and features both new and familiar faces. About a recently divorced literary novelist struggling with his ongoing attraction to the man who helped break up his marriage, it serves as the next step in this ongoing winter series, and introduces a new touch of magical realism. If that sounds up your ally, be sure and check it out!

Purchase Coy Trick for 99cent or read for free via Kindle Unlimited!

Coming in 2017

For anyone who missed my november wrap-up, I was super pleased to finish writing Vapor Trail, the second book in The Profane Series. Vapor Trail should be hitting shelves sometime near the end of January 2017 or early February, and I’ll be posting a couple of chapters in January for you to read so keep your eyes peeled!

Also in early 2017 I’ll be releasing a FOURTH book in the Blood & Bone Series, tentatively called A Sanguin Solution. I’m writing this novel right now and it picked up shortly after the end of The Symbiotic Law for those of you curious to see how Ethan Ellison and Pat Clanahan deal with the aftermath of that novel. I’m super happy to be diving back into these two characters and their struggles; it’s a lot like coming home to a good–if somewhat bitchy–old friend 😉

Lots of exciting books will be coming out in 2017. I’m excited. For updates on new releases make sure you’re subscribed here or on my mailing list.

Happy winter season to you all!

New Release & Thank You!

New Release & Thank You!

First off, can I just say WOW! I am blown away by all the responses I got on my reader poll and I can’t say thank you enough! I am so touched that so many of you took the time to vote and comment/email me your thoughts on KU, it was really informative to hear directly from you guys!

It was great to have a glimpse into how you guys prefer to buy books, and it was great to finally hear from some readers re: KU. A lot of times, as an author, it’s easy to get caught up only discussing these services, news, and industry changes with other authors. But it’s so important to connect with you guys–the readers–the people who we are writing these books for! 😀

The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 4: The Line of Allora


Switching gears a little bit, I’m pleased to announce the release of The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 4! This story picks up where THE HONORABLE BETA left off, returning us to King Aubrey and Lord Riven’s ongoing relationship and political woes.


There’s no time for happily ever after in the Kingdom of Pacchia…

The King’s timely marriage to Lord Riven is only the first piece of scandalizing and worrisome news to break as winter stretches onward, a cold foreboding landscape of snow and strife. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby and the imminent threat of civil war–at least so it seems for King Aubrey Allora.

Dive into the latest story from The Kingdom of Pacchia: The Line of Allora. This book features alpha/beta/omega dynamics, omega biology, and minor mpreg.

The Line of Allora is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited–and is on SALE this week at a special 99cent launch week price!


Sneak Peak: The Line of Allora

Sneak Peak: The Line of Allora

Pacchia4What’s Past is Prologue

A Brief Lecture on Inheritance in Pacchia

There is an expression amongst those nobles ready to reproduce in Pacchia: aim for an heir and a spare, but never a third, for that will assuredly breed contempt.

Forty years before Aubrey Allora of Wescott came to the throne, his father was born and named Crown Prince of the land, and his father’s younger brother—Ewan Allora, also an alpha—was named Duke Ewan Allora of Pacchia. And their youngest brother, the beta christened Brier, inherited a lesser title and a very small allotment of land on the edges of family’s holdings in southern Pacchia. Such was the fate of betas who were not in the line of succession. The High King of Pacchia, no matter how much he may have loved all of his sons equally, would never have allowed an inheritance which would in any way compromise the sanctity of House Allora’s holdings.

There is a tradition amongst the noble landholders to keep inheritance entirely entailed to one or two children at the most, with the strictest legal hinderers in place to keep younger children from breaking up the holdings following their parents’ deaths. In this way, the noble houses maintained as large of property as possible and allowed very few minor houses to spring up.

This practice was even more important for the house which had ruled over Pacchia those last several hundred years as unifier.

Thus it was Brier’s fate to find himself an occupation and fade into obscurity. Unless, of course, his brothers were to perish in some unfortunate series of events.

Fratricide was strictly forbidden in Pacchia, punishable by the harshest sanctions, least of all the seizure of lands and properties—both those inherited from the sibling as well as those originally entailed by the family. Therefore, if some scheming younger sibling truly wished to grab hold of more land, power, and titles, they had to do so in such a way that could not be traced back to them—not even a suspicion. Not an insurmountable feat, merely one that required careful planning and loyal allies.

And a trusting family.

A trusting family, somewhat surprisingly, was just what Lord Brier had. Or more precisely, two trusting brothers and a few very loyal friends: namely, a few other men like himself, third and fourth sons disgruntled by the fact that they were in line to inherit very little of their family’s vast wealth.

It should be no surprise that men of a feather would flock together, thinking that their combined efforts might allow them to scrabble out a larger chunk of the pie than they would otherwise be allotted. And there are some who still remember how charming Lord Brier was in his youth, before he arranged for his brother Ewan to be killed on the road between Allora and Wescott.

Ewan had been traveling that fateful to meet his intended, the eldest omega son of the Lord Wescott. But he never reached his destination, and it was his elder brother who won the heart of Sir James of Wescott in the end. And between his death and their marriage, Lord Brier became Duke Brier and discovered that now he had a taste for fratricide, it would not be enough to stop at Ewan, but go all the way.

The Duke’s only real mistake was the degree to which he misjudged the older Lord Riven many years later—this Lord Riven was not to be confused with his son Dierik who was only a teenager at the time. Indeed, it was Duke Brier’s greed which blinded him to Lord Riven’s true loyalties. And while he may have succeeded in wiping most of that once great family from the map, he was not able to move against Riven fast enough to keep his own plans regarding the seat of the High King away from his brother’s ear.

It is then no surprise that the late High King of Pacchia chose to sire only one child and in doing so, avoid any unpleasant arguments regarding succession.

And in this way, with his promise to the Honorable Winston, his son Aubrey sought to replicate his father’s tidy success.

Continue Reading Chapter 1 >>>

The Kingdom of Pacchia Omnibus Edition!

The Kingdom of Pacchia Omnibus Edition!

Greetings gentle readers 😉

So, it’s been a few weeks. I’ve been super busy since Medium Rare released writing my fingers into nubs. I’ve got 3 (yes THREE) WIPs going at the moment, including the sequel to Medium Rare titled VAPER TRAIL (Vaper with an E! that’s a hint/spoiler 😉 ) AND the fourth book in The Kingdom of Pacchia series titled THE LINE OF ALLORA

New Omnibus Edition

.pacchia 1-2 3D box set

In anticipation of The Line of Allora releasing later this month/early July, I’ve released a special omnibus collection featuring the first three novellas in the Pacchia universe. If you haven’t checked this series out, but you like alpha/beta/omega stories with lots of knights, castles, sex, and politics you should totally check it out.

This omnibus is available wide!

Amazon | Kobo | Smashwords | GooglePlay | B&N (keep your eyes peeled)

Shout Out For Reviewers

I don’t think I’ve asked for reviews in a long long time, but since The Kingdom of Pacchia has been out for almost two years now and I know many of you who follow this blog have probably read it, it would be awesome if you could leave a review on this new box set! If you’ve previously left a review on one of the individual books or on Goodreads, I would be SO SO grateful if you could pop on over to amazon and leave a copy of your review on the box set.


Happy reading and keep your eyes peeled for news about BOOK 4 Coming Soon!


Medium Rare 99cent Book Launch!

Medium Rare 99cent Book Launch!

12483023_10153404470691985_1313634818_o Grab a copy of Medium Rare – Limited time offer of 99cents!

Good afternoon everyone! So if you’ve been following along here the past couple of months you’ve probably seen (maybe even read 😉 ) a couple of chapters from my latest book MEDIUM RARE.

I’m very pleased to announce that that book is finally finished and available to read in full on Amazon! For the next week you can buy it for 99cents as a special introductory offer for everyone who follow this blog and my mailing list!

The Profane Series takes place in the same fictional universe as The Blood & Bone Series and can be read as a sister series in either order. You may notice several characters from The Profane Series who were introduced in previous Blood & Bone novels and vice versa.

Now, while a small portion (about 10%) of this book is taken from “The Suicide Case,” the whole story has been expanded and made part of a much larger story, so even if you’ve read “The Suicide Case” I believe there is a lot here for you to enjoy.

Happy Reading!
xoxo, Lia


A good cop, a good son, a loyal partner–none of this was enough to save Lachlan Graham’s nerves when his entire world fell apart three years ago.

A former Seattle Police Officer, Lachlan has spent the time since he left the force trying to piece his life together after being abandoned by his partner: Detective Vector Clanahan. But with a dead neighbor downstairs, his carefully constructed solitude is soon to be invaded on all fronts.

Meanwhile, Vector Clanahan’s about to return to his old stomping grounds as the West Coast serial killer he’s been tracking leads him right to his ex-partner’s front door. 

Grab your copy of Medium Rare for 99cents today!

The Honorable Beta (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3) On Pre-order

The Honorable Beta (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3) On Pre-order

For those who have finished reading All the King’s Men, I’m pleased to announce that Book 3, The Honorable Beta, is now available for pre-order. Grab your copy today and have it delivered to your Kindle on January 11th! (Just a little heads-up, despite what Amazon says, The Honorable Beta will be about 100 pages in actual length).

The Honorable Beta book blurb

Coming Soon!
Available to Pre-Order

With the court on the edge of chaos, Sir Elsa Riven and the Honorable Winston Dupuis find themselves caught between lust and duty as they chaperone King Aubrey and Lord Riven’s continuing courtship. What began as a release of sexual tension soon consumes the alpha and beta.

But social mores are against them. A relationship of any legality is impossible, and the two must decide what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting ago as winter settles over the Kingdom of Pacchia.

Contains A/B/O dynamics, including a relationship between a male beta (human biological normal male) and a female alpha (externally appears female but reproductively male).

Preorder here:The Honorable Beta / Official Release Date: January 10th!

From the Author

I always knew I was going to write THE HONORABLE BETA, but I won’t lie, the book concerns me a little. Not for the story it tells or the subject matter, but how it would be received.

When I began writing the Kingdom of Pacchia series, I formulated my personal headcanon for how the Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics worked. And I knew from the start that there would be female alphas. And those female alphas would have cocks. But how would people respond to an outwardly female character whose biology was very alien male?

I’m still uncertain how Elsa will be received, but one of my policies when I write–kind of a golden rule to my own personal storytelling–is that I strive to be absolutely honest both to the story and to the reader. Therefore, rather than shy away from Elsa and Winston’s relationship I’ve attempted to shine a thoughtful and considerate light on it.

THE HONORABLE BETA fits neatly into the canon of the Kingdom of Pacchia and I have plans to revisit these characters in the future, but unlike ALL THE KING’S MEN, this story may be viewed as supplementary to the main canon. I hope that you will read it with an open mind. It is much more a traditional romance novella than Book 2, with plenty of hot alpha-on-beta action.

Happy reading, Lia

New Release News! – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2 LIVE!

New Release News! – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2 LIVE!

After more than a year’s wait, I’ve finally released Book Two in The Kingdom of Pacchia series titled All the King’s Men. This book picks up after The Omega Prince and features the developing relationship between Prince Aubrey and Lord Riven.

I want to thank all of my beautiful readers who have patiently waited for this sequel, it is LONG overdue. Good news though, I’m already working on Book 3: The Honorable Beta, which should be out in early January 2016.

Pacchia 2 400x640All the King’s Men Book Blurb

Prince Aubrey thought his family was safe following the arrest of his traitorous uncle during the summer’s Tri-fete, but he soon learns the man’s assassination attempt on the Hight King was only the tip of the ice berg.

The court is about to descend into chaos as Aubrey and his loyal companion, the Honorable Winston Dupuis, begin investigating Lord Riven’s claims that treachery and betrayal in Pacchia are much older than any of them had previously suspected.

Meanwhile, Aubrey continues to struggles with his duties to the kingdom and his duties to his own heart as the noble alphas begin circling for his hand in courtship.

Nothing will ever be the same in the mythical kingdom of Pacchia. Based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.

Purchase on Amazon for $2.99

And just in case you missed book 1 here’s some info about that as well 😉

TOP mock 250x400The Omega Prince – The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 1

Once every three years, alphas compete in the Tri-fete to show off their strength, stamina, and martial prowess. This summer is the first time the competition has been held since the Crown Prince Aubrey of Lyle and Wescott presented as an omega, and there is much speculation he may take a mate from one of the alphas competing.

But there is more than friendly competition underway as the mysterious Lord Riven returns to court for the first time in nearly a decade.

Prince Aubrey must find a way to balance expectation and personal desire in THE OMEGA PRINCE, the first story set in the mythical kingdom of Pacchia. Based on the a/b/o gender structure.

This story contains explicit M/M content.

Available on Amazon for $2.99



The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2: All the King’s Men ARC and Lia’s Updates

The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 2: All the King’s Men ARC and Lia’s Updates

What Lia’s Been Up To

Wow guys, I have been super remiss in blogging this past year. But then again, I’ve been super remiss in writing this year as well. I had a fairly good excuse for this: in January my sister and I opened a tea room/cafe. I don’t want to go into the details, lets just say it <b>seemed like a good idea at the time</b> but once I was stuck working a 9-5, 7 days a week with no time or energy to write I realized just how important writing is to me.

We closed our tea room at the end of October, just in time for me to participate in NaNoWriMo and that has been SO MUCH fun!

After a very long 15 months I’ve finally finished writing the sequel to The Omega Prince! This story has gone through several changes since I began writing and evolved into a bit of a monster compared to the first book, clocking in at about 40% more words than The Omega Prince.

**CLOSED**The Kingdom of Pacchia 2: All the King’s Men – Advanced Reader Copies

Pacchia 2 400x640

All the King’s Men picks up very soon after where The Omega Prince left off: the Tri-fete has been cancelled, Duke Brier has been arrested, and Lord Riven remains persona-non-grata at the high court. Tensions mount as the high king calls for a gemōt, or a legal tribunal, to examine Lord Riven’s accusations against Lord Bourn. It’s got romance, action, political intrigue, and some hot Alpha/Omega loving.

If you follow my tumblr, you may have noticed that I’ve posted the first couple of pages from Pacchia #2 over this past week. Now I’d like to offer up ARCs (advanced reading copies) of the FULL novel to my readers. If you enjoyed reading the first book in this series and are interested in getting your hands on a free copy of the sequel fill out the form below and let me know before December 7th  and I’ll send you your copy as well as my thanks for sticking by me despite having disappeared for most of the last year 😉