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Death Days is coming August 6th!

Death Days is coming August 6th!

Hello my lovelies, I’m coming to you today with some super rad news: my latest novel–an M/M paranormal romp through the suburban woods of the Pacific Northwest–is available for preorder! It will be available in print and ebook via NineStar Press on August 6th.

This novel was a passion project I wrote last summer and effectionately referred to as oly!necro!prof on my twitter if you follow me there. I wanted to write something new as a little breather between Profane #3 and Blood & Bone #4, something a little bit grimmer, a little darker, and I really wanted to write about a necromancer (you know, sometimes the urge just takes a girl 😉 ).

The result of that summer writing project was Death Days, which was accepted for publication by NineStar Press–a small boutique publisher who specializes in diverse LGBTQIA+ representation in fiction. It’s been an amazing experience working with NineStar on Death Days and I’m so exciting for all of you to read this new book!

New Series?

There has been some question about whether or not Death Days is a standalone or not. Currently, I am planning on it being at LEAST a trilogy, whether or not the rest of the books get picked up by the publisher remains to be seen (I have to write them first! xD) but I can assure you that this is the beginning of a new series that I will be faithfully working on while I write the last installment of The Profane Series.

In the meantime, be sure and check out the Preorder and happy reading!

xoxo, Lia


By day, Professor Nicholas Littman works as an itinerant professor at a small college in the Pacific Northwest. He teaches seminars on mythology and the intersections of folklore and magic in the ancient world. By night, he’s the local necromancer, a rare magical talent that has left him alienated from other practitioners.

All Nick wants from life is to be left alone to run his magical experiments and teach kids the historical context of magic without anyone being the wiser. Unfortunately, his family is sworn to sit on the council of the Order of the Green Book—a group of magicians dating back to the Crusades—and they aren’t willing to take Nick’s no for an answer.

As though that wasn’t bad enough, a coven of Night Women has arrived in town, warning Nick that there are wolves at his door he had better take care of. But what can one necromancer do when every natural and supernatural card seems stacked against him?

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Sneak Peak: Vaper Trail (The Profane Series) Chapter 2

Sneak Peak: Vaper Trail (The Profane Series) Chapter 2

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Late June 2012 – Capitol Hill – Lachlan

How was it that the second things started to go okay, reality inevitably intervened in the worst way?

Lachlan struggled to put the words he was hearing into a context that would compute inside his brain. His hand, gripping the cellphone, froze around the little plastic chassis. If the device had been any less well made, it would have cracked.

“I’m sorry, can you say that again?”

The woman—the police officer or the EMT, or whoever it was that the police station had gotten to call him—said the words again and this time they broke through the fog in his head. Lachlan politely thanked her for her time and hung up. He looked at Vector, but he didn’t need to say anything, the werewolf had heard it all with his wolf ears.

“Lachlan,” Vector breathed out in a soft voice.

He shook his head and dropped the phone. It thumped quietly against the thin rug under his feet. He should check it for other calls—texts—something. Surely the moment hadn’t passed without—while he was—

A man had died in Seattle, which was not a unique occurrence. Men killed each other day. People died from natural and unnatural causes. Took their own lives in some cases. This was a big city, filled with hundreds of thousands of people, all of them wading through existence, waiting for that moment for it be snuffed out.

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