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Sneak Peak The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 3c

Sneak Peak The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 3c

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May 2012 – Julie Hobbes’s Apartment

Leg still smarting from the pain, Lachlan straightened only to feel something strong push against his chest: strong and cold. The force sent him stumbling back against Julie Hobbes’s couch. He tripped over the arm and fell to his knees with a surprised shout.

“What the hell?” he muttered under his breathing, rubbing at his sternum.

Goosebumps rippled across his arms and the back of his neck. It felt like the temperature in the room had dropped by ten degrees in the blink of the eye.

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Sneak Peak The Profane Series: Book 1: Medium Rare Chapter 3a

Sneak Peak The Profane Series: Book 1: Medium Rare Chapter 3a

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Chapter 3a

May 2012 – Evening – Lachlan

Later, after they’d put away another beer each, and Alan had given up any pretense of trying to cheer him up, Lachlan said goodbye to his friend outside the bar and checked his phone for messages: nothing there except a voicemail from his mother that he couldn’t bring himself to delete but sure as hell wasn’t about to listen to tonight.

The days were just becoming long enough that it was still light outside when he entered his apartment building, the stairwell smokey with dust motes refracting off the setting light.

Amelia Hobbes must have been keeping an ear out for him because he hadn’t taken more than a single step onto her landing before she appeared to greet him, expectant expression giving her eyes a bit of life in contrast to that morning’s despair.

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Sneak Peak: The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 2b

Sneak Peak: The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 2b

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Medium Rare Chapter 2b

May 2012 – Searchlight, NV – Vector

He leaned his head back against the neck rest as their vehicle ate up the miles, turning off Joshua Tree Highway to take an older side road that eventually disappeared. At the thirty-four minute mark, they had fully transitioned to a dirt path cut between the native flora by—Vector couldn’t even imagine who would have passed this way before them. Hunters maybe? Campers? Hikers with an interest in flat desert and the occasional cactus.

He didn’t sleep, but he drifted in a light doze in the otherwise silent car, lulled by the rock and roll of the tired skidding through brown red dirt. Deputy Roberts kept the air conditioning going on high the whole time so that it felt like they were driving around in a black refrigerator.

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Sneak Peak: The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 2a

Sneak Peak: The Profane Series: Medium Rare Chapter 2a

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The Profane Series: Medium Rare: Chapter 2a

12483023_10153404470691985_1313634818_oMay 2012 – Searchlight, NV – Vector

This early in the morning, when the light had not quite begun to rise over the curve of the desert hills, the temperature on his phone read a number that some would not have found fault with: a balmy 75° F. Vector’s gut, however, told him it was a prelude for a scorcher. The day was going to be hot as balls and miserable; made worse so by their destination.

He gripped the armrest on his seat on the plane with white knuckles, swallowing against the sensation of nausea threatening to get a rise out of him. Three years and he still hadn’t gotten the hang of flying around in these little Cessna CitationJet puddle jumpers.

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Sneak Peak The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare Chapter 1d

Sneak Peak The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare Chapter 1d

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The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare Chapter 1d

November 2009 – The Akkadian Club

“Hey, you want to get out of here?”

Lachlan blinked sweat out of his eyes and looked up at his dance partner: tall, lithe, with brown eyes and close cropped brown hair. Symmetrical and pleasing to look at, if somewhat bland. The drunkest part of Lachlan’s brain wanted to wrap his legs around the guy’s waist and climb him like a tree. The small voice in the back of his brain that sounded suspiciously of his Uncle Rory—the minister—babbled a string of horrified arguments about why he should do No Such Thing.

“I’d love to,” he shouted over the music playing in the club. His dance partner grinned and grabbed his hand, leading him outside and into a waiting taxi.

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Sneak Peak: The Profane Series Book 1: Chapter 1b

Sneak Peak: The Profane Series Book 1: Chapter 1b

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The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare: Chapter 1b

July 2009 – Queen Anne Hill

The doctors had told him to take it easy and maybe this didn’t count as taking it easy—he couldn’t drive with the busted up foot or his arm in a sling so he’d had to resort to public transportation—but he had to see Vector. Had to look him in the face and ask:

“Where the hell have you been?” Lachlan demanded before the front door had even swung open. He blinked and snapped his mouth shut on a surprised noise when he looked up into the eyes not of his absentee partner but some stranger. “Who are you?”

The other man squinted those eyes—pale blue and wildly different from Vector’s—at Lachlan, nostrils flaring. Was he—Lachlan stumbled over the thought but there was no mistaking the way the other man was sniffing him.

“What do you want?” the man growled.

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Sneak Peak: The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare – Chapter 1a

Sneak Peak: The Profane Series Book 1: Medium Rare – Chapter 1a

Writing is coming along at a good clip this month, and I’m planning on releasing Book 1 in the Profane Series: Medium Rare during the first week of February… Sort of like a 2 year anniversary celebration.

In the meantime, I thought I’d post the first couple of chapters for you guys to take a sneak peak at. These are still rough, mostly unedited, and subject to tweaking before they go to Amazon, but I hope you enjoy them!

I think you can expect 1-2 updates a week until February.

Chapter 1a: May 2012 – Capitol Hill – Lachlan

Last night a girl had died. He only knew this because, as he had left his own apartment the following day for his morning—emphasis in this case being absolutely necessary—coffee run, he had encountered the girl’s grandmother crying just outside her door one floor below him.

“Oh, it’s you, Lachlan. I’m sorry, dear, let me just get out of your way.”

“Good morning, Amelia.” Lachlan Graham paused, one foot on the next step, one foot in the hallway, torn between comforting a neighbor in distress and the amount of energy it would require to deal with her. “Something wrong?” he asked.

Her sigh shivered through her whole body, her hands shaking as she blotted at the tears gathered in the corners of her eyes. It didn’t look as though she’d had the time to apply her face that morning before the instigating emotional event, because despite the presence of water flowing down her face, there were no dark mascara stains on her cheeks.

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Lia Looks Ahead At 2016

Lia Looks Ahead At 2016

Happy New Year!

While my roommate yells at Halo in the other room, I’ve sat down to reexamine my goals for 2016.

2015 was a weird year for me. I opened a brick and mortar restaraunt, discovered that I do not have the personality to work in the service industry on a day-to-day basis, and sold that business after ten months. I spent most of last year not writing and it was incredibly frustrating and painful.

I also experienced several personal challenges between family, friends, guildies, and roommates. Basically, 2015 was a really turbulent year!


But after a winning November 2015 NaNoWriMo, I’ve been able to get my writing back on track and finished the year with TWO new releases–crazy!

Pacchia 2 400x640   the hon beta

And I kicked of 2016, curled up in bed, typing away at my next full length release. I have a feeling 2016 maybe be a tough year fiscally (my living next September is going to be a headache thanks to the aforementioned friend-roommate drama but we’ll cross that bridge when it gets closer ;)) but I think it’s going to be an amazing year creatively!

Book Changes & The Profane Series

A few months ago I released a short story titled Lachlan Graham: Occult Investigations. Lachlan was written over the summer while I worked in my tea room and originally conceptualized to be written as a series of short stories in the same vein as Sherlock Holmes. At the time, I didn’t have much energy to write, so I hoped the short form would be doable despite my tight schedule.

A month after I released that short story, I learned that there was a buyer for my tea room. Within a couple of weeks, I was free of the responsibility and time suck that was my restaurant and back to writing full time.

I think you’ll all agree, that we love longer novels than short stories around here, and the BLOOD & BONE series remains my most popular work. So, with that in mind I had a tough conversation with my editor: What do I do about Lachlan?

You see, Lachlan Graham lives and works in the same universe as the Blood & Bone series and it was always my intention for his story to cross over with Ethan and Patrick’s. But in writing that first short, I’d had to trim down a lot–an entire POV in fact!–and I wasn’t entirely satisfied with the way my plan for Lachlan. My writing partner made things easy though, she looked at me and said: so turn it into a full novel, you’ve got enough story for it, right?

And I do. I have a LOT to say about Lachlan (and Vector!).

A few of you have noticed that Lachlan Graham #1 The Suicide Case is no longer available on amazon and that is because that short is being retooled into a much longer novel, which will be part of a COMPANION SERIES to the Blood & Bone Series titled: The Profane Series.

Confused yet? lol


I’m writing a new series (The Profane Series) starring Lachlan Graham and Vector Clanahan, that will interweave with the BLOOD & BONE Series. Furthermore, I’ve got a FOURTH B&B novel in the works 😉 I just can’t leave Ethan Ellison alone, okay?

Here’s a sneak peak at the rough draft for the updated Lachlan 1 cover


Looking Ahead at 2016

This post has gotten a bit long winded so let me wrap it up by saying I’m sorry I disappeared in 2015 and I promise that you’re going to be getting a LOT more from Lia in 2016.

And just to give you an idea how much more, here’s my updated publishing schedule for the next 7 months!

Publishing Schedule *Updated for 2016

  • February – 2016 – The Profane Series #1: Medium Rare Feb 2
  • April – 2016 – The Profane Series #2: Vaper Trail April 5
  • May – 2016 – Pacchia #4: The Line of Allora May 3
  • June – 2016 – Blood & Bone Series #4: Ex Sanguin June 7
  • July – NaNoWriMo Live Blogging!
  • August – 2016 – Pacchia #5: An Alpha’s Worth
  • September – 2016 – The Profane Series #3: TBA
New Book – Blood & Bone Spinoff Series

New Book – Blood & Bone Spinoff Series

Lachlan Graham #1 The Suicide Case Now On Amazon for $0.99!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new series of short mysteries: LACHLAN GRAHAM OCCULT INVESTIGATIONS #1! This series is set in the same universe as the BLOOD & BONE Series and will feature several cameos and cross-overs from those novels.

Inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s original Sherlock Holmes shorts, the Lachlan novels are short self-contained mysteries. If you enjoyed the Blood & Bone series, I think you will enjoy these as well. Featuring magic, werewolves, everyday humans, misunderstandings, murder and a good dose of UST all set against iconic Seattle.

Buckle-up for my new series; I hope you enjoy it!


#1 The Suicide Case Available on Amazon!

A good cop, a good son, a loyal partner–none of this was enough to save Lachlan Graham’s nerves when his entire world fell apart three years ago.

A former Seattle Police Officer, Lachlan has spent the time since he left the police force quietly trying to piece his life together after being abandoned by his partner: Detective Vector Clanahan.

Now, his carefully constructed solitude is about be invaded on all fronts.

Maybe a little paranormal action is just what the doctor would have ordered.