Series: A Palouse County Romance

Book Cover: Cold Press
Cold Press
Book Cover: Coy Trick
Coy Trick

Series: Professor Littman's Practicum on Dark Arts

Book Cover: Death Days
Death Days

Series: Standalone

Book Cover: Hotspot

Series: The Blood & Bone Series

Book Cover: The Blood & Bone Series
The Blood & Bone Series
Book Cover: The Duality Paradigm
The Duality Paradigm
Book Cover: The Convergence Theory
The Convergence Theory
Book Cover: The Symbiotic Law
The Symbiotic Law
Book Cover: Remainders
Book Cover: A Sanguine Solution
A Sanguine Solution

Series: The Kingdom of Pacchia

Book Cover: The Kingdom of Pacchia Omnibus
The Kingdom of Pacchia Omnibus
Book Cover: The Omega Prince
The Omega Prince
Book Cover: All the King's Men
All the King's Men
Book Cover: The Honorable Beta
The Honorable Beta
Book Cover: The Line of Allora
The Line of Allora

Series: The Moon Mirror

Book Cover: Essex Colony
Essex Colony

Series: The Profane Series

Book Cover: Medium Rare
Medium Rare
Book Cover: Vapor Trail
Vapor Trail

All cover art © Lia Cooper.

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