The Convergence Theory

The Convergence Theory

Walking away from your soulmate is not for the faint of heart...

Following the Matilde Walker murder, Detective Ethan Ellison is back working misdemeanors and answering what he believes are prank calls. Still reeling from Christophe's betrayal, his magic and mind begin to unravel around him, and he's only just beginning to realize how much sleeping with Clanahan may have changed his life.

Meanwhile, Detective Pat Clanahan would give anything to get the memory of Ethan out of his head. If he can't have the mage, and every sign suggests that he can't, he sure has hell wishes everything at the station didn't remind him of the other man. Now he's up to his elbows in mutilated bodies and desecrated graves with no suspect in sight.

Murder, UST, and pining lurk right around the corner for both men as Seattle hurtles to the hottest summer on record and their fates once again meet in THE CONVERGENCE THEORY, Book Two in the Blood & Bone Trilogy.

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