The Symbiotic Law

The Symbiotic Law

No family skeletons stay buried forever….

Ethan Ellison thought that the hardest thing after figuring out he was soul bonded to a werewolf would be letting the guy down easy. He wasn't prepared to open his door and find his Uncle Eoin standing on the other side, sporting a fresh shiner and a warning about Ethan's estranged father Alexandre Pelletier. Turns out his old man wants the Medusa's curl bloodstone Ethan inherited from his mother bad enough to send masked hitmen after it.

Pat Clanahan hoped that now, with everything out in the open, all he had to worry about was introducing Ethan to the pack. But Seattle is no longer safe and if Pat wants to make sure nothing happens to his mate, he'll have to follow him around the world in a desperate bid to stay one step ahead of Pelletier's men.

But Ethan and Pat are detectives, and neither of them is good at leaving a case unsolved. What is the Medusa's curl? Why does Pelletier want it? And can a mage and a werewolf find enough middle ground to finally fall in love in the final installment of the BLOODY & BONE TRILOGY!

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