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Book 2 Publishing Update

Book 2 Publishing Update

Are you ready for more UST? More murder, nightmares, and dudes running around with more feelings than they know what to do with?

Popping in to give everyone here a little headsup that it looks like I’ll be releasing book 2 The Convergence Theory next monday, July 14th!

As a teaser, I’ll be posting chapter 1 here on the blog either later today or tomorrow.

Now, back to final edits 🙂


A Year Ago…

A Year Ago…

give or take a month, I began writing book 2 of the Blood & Bone Trilogy (The Convergence Theory). I’m working on a last round of editing for that book right now and re-reading it I’m reminded of the beginning. It was hot and gross then. We were experiencing a legit heatwave through most of the continental USA. I struggled writing Convergence during the winter because the characters were hot and lethargic and I was cold in my house, rain sodden and discouraged with my writing.

It’s hot again, but grey and heavily overcast. It doesn’t rain though.

Where Did Lia Go??!

Where Did Lia Go??!

It’s been awhile since I posted here. I’m not dead! I’m just behind schedule. And to make matters worse my internet service has gone from “bad” to “completely fucking useless.” If you follow me on twitter you’ve probably seen a few of my angry tweets (I’m hoping that if I shame CenturyLink long and hard enough I’ll actually get someone to come FIX THEIR SHIT).

My internet has been unreliable since late March but in the past couple of weeks it’s gotten exponentially worse. the WAN won’t stay connected for more than 5-15 minutes at a time and I’ve replaced all of the hardware and updated the firmware and there’s literally nothing else I can do on my end to try to fix the problem but GOOD FUCKING LUCK getting someone from CenturyLink to do anything besides ask you if ALL your phone lines have a filter on them and assure you that there is nothing wrong with their local service. HAH-fucking-HAH (I’m more than a little frustrated as you can imagine considering I do ALL of my work online).

So, I’m laboriously working on editing Book Two (It’s super fun when you disconnect from Google Docs every 10 minutes LET ME TELL YOU) while writing is temporarily on hold (I’m so full of rage there is just no way for me to be creative rn on top of the fact I cant get spotify to work with this internet problem). I will at some point have a copy of Convergence to go out to the kind people who volunteered to beta read for me–it will hopefully be by the end of this month (WHERE DID MAY GO?????).

In the meantime if you have questions, comments, timestamp requests my inbox is open and I will try to get back to you!

The Road To Writing Full Time

The Road To Writing Full Time

You’ve heard the cliche: everyone thinks that they can be a writer. Or that writing a book can’t be that difficult. But anyone who has tried to write a book will probably disagree.


Writing is hard, except when it’s easy, and even then it’s still pretty hard.

For me, writing this month has been slow but steady. Book 3 is chugging along at 15k words right now (hopefully 16k by the time you read this). Definitely not where I wanted to see my word count but it’s a start. Every book begins with a start. And then you have to keep building and adding onto it, until you finish it. For most of us, myself included, this means writing a book is a marathon and not a sprint. It can be hard to keep that in my head.

I want to be a full time writer now. I want to bang out a novel every month or every other month now, but I’m not there yet. At most, I’m a halftime writer. I write fairly consistently but not 40 hrs a week–which is where I would ultimately like to be.

3 Stages Of Being An Author

  1. Beginner: you’re working on your first story, or maybe your second story, writing when you can but not overly consistently
  2. Amatuer: maybe you write consistently but you don’t write a ton, you’re averaging a book a year
  3. Full time: you write multiple books a year, you put in 40 hours a week, you treat writing as your full time job.

A lot of people spend a long time at stage 1. I spent four years at stage 1 calling myself a “writer” but not managing to finish anything. It took me 18 months to write Duality and about 8 months to write the sequel, The Convergence Theory. I thought by the time I would start Book 3 I would be at stage 3 already but I’ve discovered that I’m really still at stage 2: writing more consistently but not putting in enough hours to call this my full time job.

That’s OK. I don’t have to be at stage 3 right this minute. Maybe I won’t get to stage 3 for a couple more years and a couple more books. That’s fine. The important part is that, just like when I’m writing a book, I add onto my writing habits a little more and a little more.

I’m not going to start busting out 10k words a day this week. Or next month. I’m not going to reach my 85k word draft goal by May 1st but I will make it by June first, which is a huge improvement over TCT’s timeline.

Composition book or Writer's NotebookBuilding A Writing Career Begins With Good Habits

Just some thoughts to chew on if you’re feeling discouraged.

  • Set goals and meet them, but if you aren’t going to meet one, don’t become so discouraged that you give up or ignore the deadline altogether
  • Have patience, both with your work and yourself
  • Increase your time commitment, word goals, and publishing milestones steadily–remember the tortoise
  • For 75% of authors, making a living is all about building a backlist (eg 10+ published titles), building a backlist takes time
  • Even though this is a marathon, don’t hesitate to do tiny sprints here and there to encourage yourself
  • Don’t stop writing.

Do as I advise, not as I do. Trust me, I’m not good at always taking my own advise no matter how good it is. That’s another reason I’m still only at stage 2 😉

duality quoteQuestions About The Blood & Bone Trilogy/Timestamps/Prompts

I’m opening the floor this week to questions about my books (Duality as well as the unpublished sequels), as well as timestamp requests (something you wanted to see more of from the first story or what came after? Give me a prompt and I’ll write you at least 500 words. This is open to pre-story events, porn, and secondary characters as well). Least a comment below or hit me up with an email 🙂

“As the hours c…

“As the hours c…

“As the hours crept by, the afternoon sunlight bleached all the books on the shelves to pale, gilded versions of themselves and warmed the paper and ink inside the covers so that the smell of unread words hung in the air.”

— Maggie Stiefvater, Shiver

Writers shouldn…

Writers shouldn…

Writers shouldn’t underestimate the difficulty of what they’re doing, and they should treat it with great seriousness. You’re doing something that really matters, you’re telling stories that have an impact on other people and on the culture. You should tell the best stories you can possibly tell and put everything you’ve got into it.

David Guterson
If the real wor…

If the real wor…

If the real world were a book, it would never find a publisher. Overlong, detailed to the point of distraction-and ultimately, without a major resolution.

Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten