New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

After a very long wait, I’m finally able to announce the preorder for my next full length novel: Vapor Trail. This book is the sequel to Medium Rare, and is a companion novel to The Blood & Bone Series. Picking up shortly after the end of Medium Rare, it deals with fresh murders cropping up in Seattle between The Convergence Theory and The Symbiotic law (it’s all connected! XD)

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Dead men have nothing but secrets…

Lachlan Graham is ready for his life to settle down now that he and his ex-partner, FBI Agent Vector Clanahan, have caught the man who killed his neighbor. But no sooner have the two returned to Seattle than more bad news arrives to upturn Lachlan’s quiet existence.

He may have left the Seattle Police Department for good, but it doesn’t look like the life will leave him alone. People die, leaving behind their friends and family to pick up the mess made by their secrets in The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail.

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Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Sneak Peak: Vapor Trail 4a

Sneak Peak: Vapor Trail 4a

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Chapter 4a

July Fourth Weekend – Queen Anne Hill – Lachlan

“Don’t panic,” Vector whispered under his breath, which did more to put Lachlan on edge than it reassured him.

“Why?” he asked, turning to the werewolf. He jumped a little when the other man grabbed his hand and squeezed his fingers. It sent a flutter of anxious tingles through Lachlan’s arm and made his stomach jump. He would have blushed if he hadn’t already been sweating under the outrageous summer sun. Wasn’t it supposed to rain on the Fourth of July? It always had before.

Instead of answering, Vector straightened his shoulders and greeted the woman approaching them across the field—he was exaggerating when he called it a field, but this deep in the city, it felt like a field to have such an extravagantly large backyard. Lachlan had sort of gotten the impression that Vector came from a comfortably well-off family, but he was starting to reassess just how comfortable from the looks of this house, as well as the townhouse in Upper Queen Anne Hill.

The woman—she was half a head shorter than Vector, but not too much shorter than Lachlan himself—had dark hair and pale blue eyes that shone almost grey from her pale skin. An air of authority weighed down the lines of her shoulders, and Lachlan couldn’t miss the way the other members of the pack unconsciously shifted around her, moving out of the way without the woman having to make a sound. She stopped in front of them, eyes flicking down to their linked hands, brushed across Lachlan’s face, and settled on Vector.

“Auntie,” the wolf said, temporarily letting go to lean down and wrap her up in a brief hug.

Lachlan twitched—this much be the pack matriarch, the alpha: Teagan Clanahan.

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