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The Honorable Beta (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3) On Pre-order

The Honorable Beta (The Kingdom of Pacchia Book 3) On Pre-order

For those who have finished reading All the King’s Men, I’m pleased to announce that Book 3, The Honorable Beta, is now available for pre-order. Grab your copy today and have it delivered to your Kindle on January 11th! (Just a little heads-up, despite what Amazon says, The Honorable Beta will be about 100 pages in actual length).

The Honorable Beta book blurb

Coming Soon!
Available to Pre-Order

With the court on the edge of chaos, Sir Elsa Riven and the Honorable Winston Dupuis find themselves caught between lust and duty as they chaperone King Aubrey and Lord Riven’s continuing courtship. What began as a release of sexual tension soon consumes the alpha and beta.

But social mores are against them. A relationship of any legality is impossible, and the two must decide what is worth fighting for and what is worth letting ago as winter settles over the Kingdom of Pacchia.

Contains A/B/O dynamics, including a relationship between a male beta (human biological normal male) and a female alpha (externally appears female but reproductively male).

Preorder here:The Honorable Beta / Official Release Date: January 10th!

From the Author

I always knew I was going to write THE HONORABLE BETA, but I won’t lie, the book concerns me a little. Not for the story it tells or the subject matter, but how it would be received.

When I began writing the Kingdom of Pacchia series, I formulated my personal headcanon for how the Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics worked. And I knew from the start that there would be female alphas. And those female alphas would have cocks. But how would people respond to an outwardly female character whose biology was very alien male?

I’m still uncertain how Elsa will be received, but one of my policies when I write–kind of a golden rule to my own personal storytelling–is that I strive to be absolutely honest both to the story and to the reader. Therefore, rather than shy away from Elsa and Winston’s relationship I’ve attempted to shine a thoughtful and considerate light on it.

THE HONORABLE BETA fits neatly into the canon of the Kingdom of Pacchia and I have plans to revisit these characters in the future, but unlike ALL THE KING’S MEN, this story may be viewed as supplementary to the main canon. I hope that you will read it with an open mind. It is much more a traditional romance novella than Book 2, with plenty of hot alpha-on-beta action.

Happy reading, Lia