Noveling Playlist: The Convergence Club Mix

Noveling Playlist: The Convergence Club Mix

I pretty much have to have music going when I write. It doesn’t necessarily have to be thematic (though sometimes it does). My brain just needs that bit of sound–call it distraction or inspiration, I’m honestly not sure which is more accurate.

There was no blog post this past Friday because I really didn’t have anything new to report. Writing is going slowly but progressing, my April nano goal is still dead in the water (but that’s ok because I’m still working on editing Book 2 and writing Book 3 albeit at a slowerpace), and I was a little bit busy playing WoW (oops? What can I say, I’ve discovered a renewed interest in finishing up the legenedary cloak quest before summer). So, instead of last friday’s blogpost, I’m giving you guys an odd day easter egg from Book 2.

Lia’s Writing Soundtracks

I was talking about music at the beginning. I find that when I write a book I tend to lean towards a group of artists and or albums that I listen to on repeat during the length of writing that particular book. At the group of artists changes for every books. When I wrote Duality, I listened to Morcheeba and Feist on repeat. While writing Book2: The Convergence Theory I listened to Fall Out Boy’s new album a lot–just like, SO MUCH. I’m not even much of a FOB fan so don’t ask me why it worked.

But there was one particular chapter in Book2 that I struggled to hit the right tone with. It’s a fairly dark chapter and I was in a really good mood the day I wrote it so I turned to spotify to help find the right dark, burn-out-blow-away tone I needed to write. I created the “Convergence Club Mix” and liberally flavored it with Nine Inch Nails (not features on the 8track version), and it actually was very helpful when it came to writing that chapter.

I’ve compiled an abridged version of the Convergence Club Mix (also could be considered a Best of 2013) on 8tracks which you can listen to below (hopefully??? I’ve never made a playlist before so I REALLY hope it works). Just imagine NIN’s Closer playing on repeat at the end 🙂

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