A Question For Readers About Pen Names

A Question For Readers About Pen Names

Hey guys, happy October!

I am so psyched about fall. IDK what it was but the summer heat in July/August/Sept was just awful this year. I have been looking forward to October for AGES and it has not disappointed. Cool air, breezes, rain 😀 Is it weird that I am super happy about the rain? I think if you’re going to live in Washington you’ve just got to embrace the rain.

Okay, now that I’ve gushed a little, I want to pose a question to the readers who follow this blog.

As a reader myself…

I’ll freely admit that I mostly read m/m. And I write what I enjoy reading, hence all of the m/m. But I don’t just read m/m. I also read f/f and multi/poly (occasionally) and het. Like if a story is well written and the premise is awesome and the characters are gripping and it’s got the right tropes for my tastes, I’ll read pretty much any sort of sexual pairing.

Suffice is to say I’ve got a lot of story ideas and while a good chunk of them are m/m, they aren’t ALL m/m because, like I said, I write things that I would read and I’m a fluid reader. And I personally would just publish everything under one pen name and just LABEL what sort of pairing it was (m/m, f/f, m/f etc) in the description. But I know a lot of authors say you HAVE to start a new pen name if you jump from m/f to m/m or vice versa.

I’m curious what readers think. Do you exclusively read one type of sexual pairing? Would you rather see authors keep completely separate pen names for each type of pairing or is labeling the stories enough differentiation?

I’d love to hear your thoughts either in the comments or on twitter or send me an email (liacooperromance AT gmail DOT com).

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