Poll Results-A Clear Winner!

Poll Results-A Clear Winner!

I’m sure it’s not surprise to anyone reading this blog, and really I guess it wasn’t a surprise to me either (that’s a lie it was sort of a surprise but that’s because in my head you guys would be excited about my other projects as I am even though you know nothing about them XD lol), that a FOURTH book in the Blood & Bone…err trilogy?? should I just start calling it a series?? a FOURTH Blood & Bone novel was the run away winner of my “What Should Lia Write Next” poll.

Heck, I really want book 4 too after the emotional angstfest the trilogy has been.

So, my goal over the next 2 months will be to write book 4 (Tentatively titled “Ex Sanguine” for now) and hopefully post a few snippets as I finish it. I will also be working on the Lachlan Graham Occult Investigations serial because I’m planning on tying it back into Ex Sanguin (Trust me guys, I think you’ll like this spin-off serial ESPECIALLY if Patrick and his family were your favs ;))))

In the meantime, the bulk of my time continues to be sucked up by the tea room and SWTOR (OMG I’m a guild officer assistant in my guild now, the pressurree!!) but you can follow me on twitter @liacooperwrites for sporadic updates and musings 😉

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