Quick Reference Guide to the Blood & Bone Universe

Quick Reference Guide to the Blood & Bone Universe


The Blood & Bone Trilogy and The Profane Series take place in the same universe! I call them sister-series or companion-series because their timelines interweave with one another and they feature some of the same characters though they can be read independently of one another (though it should be noted that since The Duality Paradigm was written first, it does contain the brunt of this universe’s “exposition”).

Books Chronologically

  1. The Duality Paradigm
  2. The Convergence Theory / Medium Rare
  3. Vaper Trail (Coming Fall 2016)
  4. The Symbiotic Law
  5. A Sanguin Solution (Coming Winter 2017)
  6. The Profane Book 3 (Coming Spring 2017)

Magic & Magical Entities

The BLOOD & BONE Universe is what might be called an Alternative Modern Universe where magic, supernatural people, and creatures are all known and integrated into society. They’ve been known for a while (at least 100 years). Everything that you’ve read about in a fairytale probably has some real world expression in this universe.

Stigma and xenophobia exist in the form of microaggressions rather than via government sanction. In other words, peoples’ tolerance and/or acceptance of non-norm-human entities is on a personal and social level. There are certain government agencies that go out of their way to employ supernaturals in an effort to “combat” dangerous supernatural elements. This brings with it it’s own set of problems.

Radical religion exists and it will tell you that magic is an expression of the devil, and supernatural entities are demons.


Werewolves are all born, it’s urban legend that you can bite someone and turn them into a wolf. OH WAIT EXCEPT….maybe it’s more than urban legend? The Clanahan pack as that weird uncle who is a couple hundred years old right and lives in the Old Country and everyone says he was bitten… Or maybe that’s just a family myth, idk. Neither does Patrick Clanahan and besides he’s got other things to worry about.

Werewolves have mates. It’s very unusual for a wolf to form a mate-bond with a non-wolf simply because non-wolves don’t have the right biology to for a soulmate bond. This is not to say wolves can’t love people who aren’t werewolves, they do, they just usually aren’t their mates.

Mates share an actual mystical connection once the bond forms.

More on this coming soon….


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