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NEW RELEASE: Blood & Bone Book 3 The Symbiotic Law

NEW RELEASE: Blood & Bone Book 3 The Symbiotic Law

Book 3 Mailing List Giveaway Winner!

I’m super psyched to announce SCOTT the winner of my first giveaway. Thanks everyone who signed up, both new and old followers, I can’t thank you guys enough for reading the B&B books and being so supportive this past year while I took my first baby steps into publishing.

Speaking of publishing…

Book 3: The Symbiotic Law

The Symbiotic Law
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The long awaited finale of the Blood & Bone Trilogy is FINALLY HERE!!!!! I know many of you have been waiting for this since February and I’m so thrilled to finally share it with you. It has been a hell of a crazy ride writing Ethan and Pat’s journey from antagonistic co-workers to soulmates. This series has been at time exhilarating, frustrating, and amazing to write and it was sort of earth-shattering to see it come to a close. I’ve been writing about Ethan and Pat since 2012 and now, 2 years later their journey has come to a close (you know, for now at least ;)))).

The Symbiotic Law is available to buy on Amazon right now and will be available (along with Book 2 The Convergence Theory) cross-platform after January 13th in case you want to read it on a device other than Kindle.

I’ll be opening my blog up to reader questions and snippet prompts in the coming weeks so stay tuned for those.

In the meantime, happy reading,

xoxo Lia

Review Copies Of The Duality Paradigm

Review Copies Of The Duality Paradigm

Do you read/review ebooks?

Do you enjoy m/m paranormal mysteries?

Are you looking for a free book?

Here’s The Deal:

The Duality Paradigm by Lia CooperI am offering 5  2 free copies of my new release The Duality Paradigm to anyone interested in reading and revieving it. You’ll get a copy of the book and all I ask in exchange is that you write an honest review* (on Amazon, on Smashwords, on your blog, on Goodreads, it’s up to you!).

The Duality Paradigm is an m/m paranormal-mystery-romance. It’s got some sex, gore, violence, UST, and men who have difficulty expressing their feelings 🙂 If this sounds like your cup of tea fill out the contact form below!

*I’m not looking to buy reviews. Whether you loved the book or hated it, the key here is genuine reviews 🙂