Tumblr Announcement

Tumblr Announcement

Hi all! Taking a little side-jaunt from all of the Blood & Bones excitement this week to announce that I’ve created a new tumblr for myself, which you can find here: http://lia-cooper-writes.tumblr.com/

I wasn’t really using the old one so I deleted it a bit ago but I had this idea. I really want to write something fun. As much as I do like the Blood & Bone trilogy it is, personally, exhausting to write. But thats not unusual. ALL of my projects (of which i have more than I care to list here, let’s just say that it’s a LOT) are kind of exhausting.

I want to write something fun.

I want to write something FOR fun.

I sat down this morning and just started typing and suddenly I had 300 words and it was fun, and it was off the cuff, and it’s probably going to spawn a whole novel.

BUT I’m not going to write it in scrivener (not at first, at least, it will end up there eventually).

I know some people use wattpad and love it. Ive posted stuff there, never seen a response, and ultimately it’s not my sandbox. Tumblr is my sandbox (now that fandom has effectively moved there from livejournal if you kwim).

SO, going forward I’m going to try something new by writing short snippets of my fun medieval story over at my tumblr, probably not more than a couple hundred words per day, unplotted, totally just like “whatever happens, happens” as an experiment and also as a reprieve from more serious projects.

Feel free to follow me over there, send asks, reblog, etc! And don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning this blog by any stretch. This will still be HQ for all official books news!



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