Indie eBook Cover Design PLUS an announcement

Indie eBook Cover Design PLUS an announcement

Upcoming Release

Just a quick post today to give all of my readers a heads-up, I will be posting a new novella sometime this week (my hope is to have it up before Friday). I’ve talked about this novella, called The Source & the Wire, a little bit before. It is a soulbonding story set in contemporary North America between two white collar con men. Think a little bit of Leverage, a little White Collar, and a splash of Inception….you know, with soulbonding!

An email will go out to everyone on my mailing list when the book is available on amazon.

Book Cover Design Available

I also added a new page for all of my books where you can check out my upcoming projects.

I’m also opening my doors to other indie authors looking for a cover designer. If you need a cover and you like the ones I’ve made, drop me an email and we can discuss what I can do for you.

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