Genre Poll

Genre Poll

So over the next four months I plan on wrapping up The Profane Series as well as writing a fourth book in the Blood & Bone Trilogy–which I really need to rebrand the Blood and Bone SERIES at this point.

I’ve got ideas for a couple of new series I’d like to work on in 2017 but I’m curious to hear from you guys what you’d be interested in reading first (genre-wise). Thus far I’ve stuck primarily in the paranormal-mystery genre and I’ve really enjoyed it. Paranormal/UF is my jam, but there are a lot of different books rattling around in the old brain of mine.

If you have any feelings one way or another gentle readers, feel free to vote in the poll and chat with me about genres in the comments or via email at liacooperromance AT

One thought on “Genre Poll

  1. I read your books because I think you are the best at paranormal mysteries. I have seen two or three others writing them, but I re-read yours about once a month.

    And I hate to be a nag, but please do not forget about the poor Captain on the Stockton police force. He needs love. (I used to have a pen pal in Stockton, CA, back in the early 1960’s, which is why that series caught my eye, and it remains my favorite of yours. Every time I re-read one of the books in that series, I remember how much I liked my friend, and I send good thoughts to her, where ever she may be these days.)

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