Twitter Poll: Vote for what I should write next!

Twitter Poll: Vote for what I should write next!

Ok guys, I’ve got quite a few WIPs hanging around my folders right now and I’d really love to hear from you all what you’d like to read next!

I’ve got a twitter poll running for the next couple days which you can find here:

Here is some extra info about the polling options:

  1. Blood & Bone #4: a sequel to The Symbiotic Law dealing with the fallout from the book and investigating a few other loose ends from the original trilogy
  2. Kingdom of Pacchia #5: a sequel set in the future exploring the lives of Aubrey and Dierik’s eldest son (just turned 14) while the family awaits the arrival of Aubrey’s latest child.
  3. F/F Sleeping Beautyish retelling: A lady knight errant finds a kingdom bound by a conflict between science-magic-religion.
  4. M/M Scifi/Archaeologist: the youngest son of a galactic emperor is exploring the archaeological ruins of a planet on the distant edges of their space when he stumbles across a pirate fleet.

Let me know which you’d like to see before the end of the year by voting in that poll!

4 thoughts on “Twitter Poll: Vote for what I should write next!

    1. aww, i’m glad! and even though B&B4 lost in this poll, i’ve decided to go ahead and finish working on it so keep your eyes peeled! 🙂

    1. so even though B&B4 lost in the poll i’ve got about 30% of the draft already finished and i’ll be working on it this fall so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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