Free Book 1 Day Only (Contemporary erotica)

Free Book 1 Day Only (Contemporary erotica)

Quick announcement to let you all know that my new novellette Ava, Sublime is available for free on Kindle February 14th (and February 14th only!).

Free book by Lia CooperAva, Sublime is a complex short that navigates a critical moment between the heroine, Ava, and the two men she is sleeping with.


It isn’t always easy to know what you want and what you need.

Ava Novak thought she had her comfortable life figured out. She had a job roasting coffee that she loved and a simple sexual arrangement with Brenden and Patrick. What more could a woman want? But a change in their dynamic sends Ava down a path of serious soul searching while she tries to come to terms with how much of herself she’s willing to give.

Get it FREE!

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