Review Copies Of The Duality Paradigm

Review Copies Of The Duality Paradigm

Do you read/review ebooks?

Do you enjoy m/m paranormal mysteries?

Are you looking for a free book?

Here’s The Deal:

The Duality Paradigm by Lia CooperI am offering 5  2 free copies of my new release The Duality Paradigm to anyone interested in reading and revieving it. You’ll get a copy of the book and all I ask in exchange is that you write an honest review* (on Amazon, on Smashwords, on your blog, on Goodreads, it’s up to you!).

The Duality Paradigm is an m/m paranormal-mystery-romance. It’s got some sex, gore, violence, UST, and men who have difficulty expressing their feelings 🙂 If this sounds like your cup of tea fill out the contact form below!

*I’m not looking to buy reviews. Whether you loved the book or hated it, the key here is genuine reviews 🙂

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