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Reader Poll

Hey, everyone! So over the past two years I’ve experimented with Kindle Unlimited a few times with both of my series and my standalones and now I’m really looking for YOUR input! If you’ve got just a couple of seconds could you let me know if you read on KU regularly or do you prefer to buy your books (if so, do you buy from Amazon or other retailers?)

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  1. this is super helpful! i’m hearing from many people that they’ve been finding a lot of new authors through KU and I think that’s great! 😀 thanks for replying.

  2. I buy my books on Amazon, but I use Kindle Unlimited quite often as well. Sometimes the book sounds interesting, but it quite short in length and so I’d rather not spend the money if I can read it for free. I read very quickly so a 50-99 page book is done so fast. However, for authors that I enjoy (yourself included) I don’t mind spending the money because the book is worth it. Looking forward to your next book in the Pacchia.

  3. I held off on subscribing to Kindle Unlimited for quite some time but I’m now a convert. I’ve discovered a lot of new authors that way. I still buy ebooks from Amazon but not quite as many as before and that’s a blessing. I was spending way too much on books.

    1. i sympathize re: spending too much on books. there were 2 fabulous bookstores near my house that i used to swing into at least once a week. I can totally understand the appeal of KU 😀 thanks for taking the time to reply!

  4. In your email, you asked whether we like Kindle Unlimited. Yes, I do, very much. It gives me the opportunity to evaluate an author before I invest a great deal of money in buying a book I will not be reading again. I have quite enough of those. If I like a book, and know I will re-read it, then I buy it, and go on to investigate the other books by the author, and in particular, any books set in the same series or the same universe.

    I read perhaps twenty books a month from Kindle Unlimited. I used to have a Nook for PC program, and some Nook books, but that computer had to be debugged and reloaded, and I lost the program, and all the books. I never added it again.

    I have a Kindle, and a Kindle for PC program. I use those exclusively. I also read samples in the Kindle Cloud Reader. I used to buy books from the publisher’s web site, but I found myself accidentally getting duplicates that way, and wasting money, so I quit it. (I also have no confidence that the publishers will be helpful if something happens to the copy I bought from them, whereas I know from experience that Amazon will fix the problems.)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Sue! Being able to try out books and authors, especially if you read a lot in a month, is precisely why I personally quite like KU from a reading perspective myself too 😀

  5. I love Kindle Unlimited, but I would definitely still buy your books if they were only available as ebooks on Amazon instead. 🙂 I never touch Kobo or any of those other services, though. 🙂

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