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Twitter Poll: Vote for what I should write next!

Twitter Poll: Vote for what I should write next!

Ok guys, I’ve got quite a few WIPs hanging around my folders right now and I’d really love to hear from you all what you’d like to read next!

I’ve got a twitter poll running for the next couple days which you can find here:

Here is some extra info about the polling options:

  1. Blood & Bone #4: a sequel to The Symbiotic Law dealing with the fallout from the book and investigating a few other loose ends from the original trilogy
  2. Kingdom of Pacchia #5: a sequel set in the future exploring the lives of Aubrey and Dierik’s eldest son (just turned 14) while the family awaits the arrival of Aubrey’s latest child.
  3. F/F Sleeping Beautyish retelling: A lady knight errant finds a kingdom bound by a conflict between science-magic-religion.
  4. M/M Scifi/Archaeologist: the youngest son of a galactic emperor is exploring the archaeological ruins of a planet on the distant edges of their space when he stumbles across a pirate fleet.

Let me know which you’d like to see before the end of the year by voting in that poll!

Random WIP Snippets

Random WIP Snippets

IDK you guys. While my current project (a standalone paranormal i’ve nicknamed Oly!Necro!Prof if you follow me on twitter 😉 ) eats my brain and grows far beyond its planned length or scope, here’s a random snippet of an epic, sprawling scifi story i desperately want to write but am too afraid to write (it’s got human augmentation/disability, f/m/m, thieves, artists, insurance investigators, and references to Donna Tartt)

From the unwritten TRIPTYCH

Agent Carmine felt the distinctive tug as the cross-planetary sweep drew to its final destination. Near-instantaneous sweep travel had its uses, but she could never quite grow accustomed the feeling that came with it, like being sucked through a straw by the force of a mach wind tunnel.

She blinked into the blinding metropolitan sun and then down at her feet, just to make sure that they were both there, planted shoulder width apart on the white plastine Arrivals platform.

“Good morning. Are you the police detective?”

Carmine looked up at the docent standing next to the platform. Hidden behind a pair of bug-eyed dark glasses, her augmented eyes swept him from prematurely balding head to the dusty toes of his shoes. In the face, he did not appear more than twenty-five.

Her stomach flipped over as she slouched down the ramp, left hand clenched tightly around the handle of her slim silver briefcase.

“No,” she said. She flicked back the edge of her jacket to reveal a holographic badge pinned to the under lapel; it displayed her picture, name, and employee IDENT mark. “I’m with the insurance company.”

The docent swallowed. “They sent me out here to meet the detective.”

“Then you’d better wait for them.”

The weather over the city burned too hot to be comfortable in a dark purple suit, and Carmine regretted the lack of foresight which had led her to dress that morning—after The Call, as the blood rushed loud in her ears from anticipation—without first checking the forecast. She shook out her arm as she walked up to the post-post-post High Modern Institute for the Arts, and shoved both tight velvet sleeves up into the crook of her elbows.

This high above ground level, all of the cloud scrapers were faced in light reflective materials that did a good job of fending off the planet’s heat, but the glare they cast cut through the darkest glasses to leave one’s eyes watering. The High Modern Institute was the same, shaped in soft, sweeping curves made to look like white adobe, but were, no doubt, composed of some recycled plastine hauled out of the ocean on the back of a fishing trawler after there were no fish left to trawl. The architects and city planners made a good show of things though, composing this sprawling slice of Old Earth against a backdrop of washed out blue vaseline sky and wispy white clouds.

Carmine stepped through the automatic doors and showed her badge to the security attendant at the turnstile. They were closed that morning, but her company’s name was enough to gain attendance to the inner lobby—even if they hadn’t seen fit to send someone outside to wait for her. From there it was a matter of presenting herself to the Customer Service desk and waiting until a managing docent could be fetched.

She slouched against the chest high counter, one sneakered foot pressed flat against the smooth surface, and her fingers clenched still tighter around her briefcase. Her dark glasses remained on while she waited so as to facilitate her examination of the Institute’s employees. The building may have been closed to the public, but it appeared that no one had seen fit to give the exhibit guides day off, and now they clustered around the lobby in little cliques, whispering and staring towards the East Wing.

“You didn’t waste any time,” a man’s voice grumbled from her left.

 <—— and some random protagonist brainstorming art cuz never say i can’t procrastinate

IDK, I just find writing scifi really scary. Anyone else feel that way?

Book Review Round-Up: Ninefox Gambit, This Savage Song, Uprooted, Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

Book Review Round-Up: Ninefox Gambit, This Savage Song, Uprooted, Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

Here’s a quick round-up of book reviews I’ve done in the past 2 weeks! I’ve been reading a ton of 2016 releases for the Booktube SFF Awards and trying to review everything I read for that (plus Uprooted which i read for a readathon and couldnt help gushing about).

5* Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee

4* This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

5* Uprooted by Naomi Novik

4.75* Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

New Release: Vapor Trail | The Profane Series #2

After a very long wait, I’m finally able to announce the preorder for my next full length novel: Vapor Trail. This book is the sequel to Medium Rare, and is a companion novel to The Blood & Bone Series. Picking up shortly after the end of Medium Rare, it deals with fresh murders cropping up in Seattle between The Convergence Theory and The Symbiotic law (it’s all connected! XD)

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited

Dead men have nothing but secrets…

Lachlan Graham is ready for his life to settle down now that he and his ex-partner, FBI Agent Vector Clanahan, have caught the man who killed his neighbor. But no sooner have the two returned to Seattle than more bad news arrives to upturn Lachlan’s quiet existence.

He may have left the Seattle Police Department for good, but it doesn’t look like the life will leave him alone. People die, leaving behind their friends and family to pick up the mess made by their secrets in The Profane Series Book 2: Vapor Trail.

Read Chapter One

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited